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The Farmers' Association has declared you the Worst Farmer of the Year. How humiliating! But you're not known for letting others push you around. As soon as the harvest season ends, you'll go back there and teach them a lesson!

Link to Ludum Dare page


-Farm tomatoes and potatoes
-Shoot your hard-earned produce at these bullying farmers

Farming controls:

-Use A and D as displayed on the screen

Shooting controls:

-Left and right (or A and D) to move
-Up (or W) to jump
-Space to shoot

Install instructions

Extract the files from the zip file you have downloaded. Run the game's executable ("WastefulRevenge.exe") on Windows.

Note that Mac and Linux versions haven't been tested yet and may be broken.


WastefulRevenge_Windows.zip 11 MB
WastefulRevenge_Mac.zip 13 MB
WastefulRevenge_Linux.zip 14 MB

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